Beau Joubert “Hipster” Label Design Competition

by Lydia Coetzee


This year Beau Joubert held our first “Hipster-Inspired” label design competition and boy did we have fun.

Our theme was farm critters indigenous to Beau Joubert and designers had quite the list to choose from. Ranging from peacocks to wild cats. Animals on labels are one of the world’s biggest buying trends right now and made for some fantastic eye catching designs.

The competition ran from the 1st of September ‘till the 15th of November and the winner was announced on Monday the 18th.

Bianca Boshoff, a student from Stellenbosch University nabbed 1st prize with her phenomenal hipster wild cat design. Both Independent judges liked this design from the get go. Her use of space and lines gives this kitty some real character. We are very proud to display this on one of our products.

These custom labels go to print early next year. Keep an eye on our Social Media for updates on the progress of the printing and also where you will be able to get your very own bottle on a shelf near you.


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