The annual Stellenbosch Farmrace

by Christian Kuun



The inaugural, gruelling, Stellenbosch Farm Race was hosted by Beau Joubert Vineyards & Winery this year on 26 Oktober.

Entries for this off-road race were limited to 300 and it was a sell-out event. The route slithered through the vineyards before slowly making its way up the brutal 2.5km climb to the top of Kanonkop where it crested, with magnificent views of False Bay, Table Bay and the breathtaking Winelands, at 350m above sea level. The King and Queen of the hill would be the first gent and lady to pass the original canon, where it is still positioned on the peak, reminding us of its former glory. The route then meandered down the hill, spoiling the runners with spectacular views of adjacent wine farms and majestic mountains, before sinking its teeth into the athletes for a final time as they ran up the historical Oak Lane finishing straight

The winners of both men’s and ladies race were Zimbabwean athletes running for local  clubs in Delft. The amazing thing is that they did not have a lift to the race, so they ran the 14km to Beau Joubert before taking on the hills and making it a clean sweep. The MD, Andrew Hilliard, also took part  and came in just behind the winner, puffing and panting and in dying need of Chenin!

Athletes then had the opportunity to kick off their shoes, to lean back and enjoy some of the Capes finest wines under the shady oak trees. There is just no better reward than an ice cold Beau Joubert Sauvignon Blanc after a strenuous workout!

It was a very successful race and we hope to see you taking part next year…..




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