The Beau Joubert Bloggers Challenge

by Lydia Coetzee


On Friday the 2nd of August we dared to do what no other wine estates have done before. We challenged bloggers to stop writing and start doing and hosted a bloggers pruning class. We weren’t completely mean and rewarded them with an amazing lunch and wine tasting.

Since we are a small team (of 5) We did it all ourselves. We are kind of proud of that. Here is our take on the events of the day. Behind the scenes if you will.

The day started early. 7:30 am, Lydia arrived at the cellar and stared packing things out for our guest arrival. She dished out our “Keep calm and…” T-shirts toeach of the staff.  Elzanne and her mom, who lent a helping hand in the kitchen, took over the 17th century manor house’s kitchen and soon the house was filled with the most amazing smells. Really, you have no idea how good it smelt walking in the front door. Elzanne out did herself. Homemade chicken pie, mash as smooth as smash (we didn’t believe it was made from real potatoes until we saw the giant heap of potato skins) And the most incredible vegan port apple pie served with whipped coconut cream.

The guest arrived one by one and soon started chatting too one-another. Ian, fearing for his vineyards, help a brief “this is what you do and this is what you don’t” before making our guest trek up into the vineyards. The further he made them walk the happier Ian got.  He let them loose in a row of shiraz and the fun started. Nervously the bloggers started pruning. Stopping after every snip and checking to see if they haven’t killed the vine yet. Some of them looked so frightened of the vines they look as if they want to check for a pulse.  The intimidation soon faded and pure joy of pruning became apparent. They were almost giddy, giggling and snipping away with Ian right behind them checking up on the “good progress”. We now know why they chose to write instead of farm. But by the time they reached the pinot noir they were old pro’s.

Christian, being awesome, hopped in his bakkie and met them at the top of the hill. Dishing out ice cold beers. The thirsty pruners couldn’t be happier. After an hour an a bit in the vineyards, it was time for the wine tasting.

Christian presented 7 of our wines and a special treat, the VERY LAST BIT of our Fat Pig port. I think its safe to say Fat Pig impressed everyone. (There might have been a bit of an argument over who gets the last glass.)

The food was served buffet style and gosh did Elzanne’s farm food go down well. Real home cooked farm food. I think there were more “food pics” Instagramed than photos of our amazing view.  After the apple crumble was served and no one could walk any more, in true Beau Joubert style we convinced the last few guests to jump in the back of the bakkie and come have a glass of wine (or a beer, it was national beer day after all) on top of the hill with us.

We sat with the view of False bay to the front and Stellenbosch to our left. What a way to end off a wonderful day. Great wine, awesome company and a damn good view.

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