“For over 200 years, we have hand-harvested our grapes from noble varieties… born from our vines, hugged by the mountains, and kissed by the sea breezes… creating world-class wines!”

The colorful story of our wines began in the renowned wine region of Stellenbosch, South Africa dating back to 1695. Governor Simon van der Stel then granted the land known as Veelverjaagt, to one Jan Coenraad Visser (JCV). A century later, the farm was bought by a French Huguenot descendant, Dirk Daniel Joubert, who divided it between his two sons. Since then, five Joubert generations have placed their unique stamp on this incredible property.

An exciting new era dawned at the turn of the millennium when a group of families from Wisconsin, USA fell in love with the grandeur of the Cape on their first visit to South Africa. This led to a vibrant American/South African joint venture leading to what’s known today as BEAU JOUBERT. The name BEAU JOUBERT combines the French word “beau” for beautiful with the name of the family that brought the Old World winemaking traditions to these lands!

2016 brings yet another era upon BEAU JOUBERT. Co-Owner and MD, Andrew Hilliard has taken full title of the brands. Partnering with award winning winemaker, Catherine Marshall. These magnificent wines will now have grapes sourced from some of the most brilliant farms in the Cape; thus, assuring the best wines possible for years to come. Our team will focus specifically on international markets to provide the utmost quality to our customer. The ultra-premium BEAU JOUBERT and easier drinking OAK LANE wines have been opened to the world and this dynamic team is excited about the great heights these well-established brands can reach with you!

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